Underground Culture of Balls   Aaron Enigma, Father of the House of Enigma, offers a tribute to the "Paris is Burning" Ball House world, including a "Glossary of Ballroom Banter" and "Vogue-cabulary."

New York City: A Gay History

The Slap of Love by Michael Cunningham  Featured story from  "Open City," an online literary magazine, in which Cunningham describes Sally's II and  interviews  Dorian Corey, Angie Xtravaganza, Hector Xtravaganza, Pepper LaBeija, Consuela Cosmetic.

Queen Mother &   Named for Chi Chi Valenti's QUEEN MOTHER, recent home of many drag performance dynasties active in NYC since the early 1980's, continuing in the tradition of her previous venues including Boybar, Jackie 60 and Click + Drag.  The World of Kalina Isato.  This site provides readers with the scoop on clubs, parties, drag, and female impersonation events in Drag-adelphia and even offers some drag tips along the way.

World Wide Transgender Resources

Ms. Vicki Rene   Home for over 2,000 beautiful and handsome transvestites, transsexuals, crossdressers, and drag queens and kings.  Transgender resources and shopping.

Queer Arts Resource  Educational forum for the display and discussion of queer art and culture.