A Pictorial History of Sally's Hideaway

FROM THE THUNDERING UNDERGROUND--THE MAZE of the New York subways--the world pours into Times Square.  Like lost souls emerging from the purgatory of the trains (dark rattling tunnels, smelly pornographic toilets, newsstands futilely splashing the subterranean graydepths with unreal magazine colors), the newyork faces push into the air:  spilling into 42nd Street and Broadway--a scattered defeated army.  And the world of that street bursts like a rocket into a shattered phosphorescent world.  Giant signs--Bigger!  Than!  Life!--blink off and on.  And a great hungry sign groping luridly at the darkness screams:

F * A * S * C * I * N * A * T * I * O * N

   I had been in the islandcity several weeks now, and already I had had two jobs, briefly:  each time thinking now I would put down Times Square.  But like a possessive lover--or like a powerful drug--it lured me.  FASCINATION!  I stopped working. . . . And I returned, dazzled, to this street.  The giant sign winked its welcome:  FASCINATION!

---John Rechy, City of Night

Dorian Corey, May 5, 1993, performing Regina Belle's "If I Could" at Sally's Grammy Awards
This was Dorian's last public appearance.

The Legendary Dorian Corey, star of "Paris is Burning"
(Pepper LaBeija in the foreground)

Monica Mugler outside Sally's II, 1994


Amalia de Cuba

Jesse Torres

Go-Go boy with dollar bills

Sylvia del Rio

"SweetTooth" Curtis


New Year's 1995

The Amazing, Electrifying Grace


Go-go boy

Grace and Yvette

Kevin Jackson

Monica and boyfriend


Doctor Love

Butch Queen/Femme Queen

Portia LaBeija, Onjenee, Angela Carrera walking "Face" 
at a Ball at Sally's II, May 1995

Nicole and Amanda Milan